This is not a blog.Yes you heard it right,
I’m Not blogging,I’m journaling.Theres a difference.Ok there isn’t really any discernible difference
except that I will instead be just writing my daily journals verbatim.So buckle up for mediocre journaling,cynicism,general negativity, a sporadic narrative which jumps from being during the events to being a retelling of them and a really boring personal account of the trip which includes an ludicrous amount of repetitive events.But there is a diamond in the rough in that I have another semi accounting of the arrival flight because at the time of writing I haven’t been on the return trip.So without further adieu let’s take a journey through the wonderful world of my Hong king notes folder.

Act I:The Flight
Now many would tell you that going to Hong Kong as a first flight is an incredibly poor choice to make.Those people will usually be right.But saying that the flight was the worst thing to ever be experienced by mankind is simply false.I foun…

Roll Pride in Hong Kong

Monday morning was our first time actually in Saint Paul's College school building since arriving in HK early Saturday morning.  The day started off with a tour of the school from alumnus, teacher, and Exchange host, Mr. Bobby Poon. He has an intimate knowledge of the school and possesses an immense amount of pride for the experience he had and the work that he does.  After showing us around campus, Bobby ushered myself and Coach into a conference room reserved for meetings.  This is where we met the Principal of SPC, Mr. Dennis Yuen. 
We shared tea and chatted about the exchange and our role coming to Hong Kong. Mr. Yuen was gracious and engaging.  He is a pleasure to talk to.  After a brief chat, we moved to exchanging a gift for the school on behalf of Coach LaFontaine and myself. 
Considering that Coach and I represent the football team, we thought it would be great to present a helmet for the school gift. We thought it would be an appropriate item to put on display.  Much lik…
Day 2 Pics from Tai O are coming soon! Stay tuned.

Day 2 - Tai O and more food

Day 2 - Mr. Richards and I started the day attending Catholic mass with one of our host teachers, Mr. Bobby Poon and his family.  The mass was in Cantonese so we were familiar with the format but didn't quite get the priest's meaning behind his sermon.  We met up with another host teacher, Mr. Alan Yuen after mass for a traditional Hong Kong breakfast at a wonderful little place that had 1 Michelin star.  After a brief stop at Starbucks, Mr. Yuen drove us to Tung Chung where we had to hop in a taxi to take us to Tai O, a traditional fishing village, on Lantau Island as far west as you can go in Hong Kong.  The taxi ride to Tai O was both breathtaking and exhilarating as we zoomed around hairpin turns with giant coach buses passing us in the opposite lane.  We enjoyed seeing a traditional village especially all of the wonderful street food that Mr. Yuen selected for us to try including a red bean bun, frozen pineapple, barbecued squid both fresh and dried, and as a treat at the…

First Day in Hong Kong March 10th, 2018

We touched down in Hong Kong at about 7 a.m. local time.  HK's timezone is 13 hours ahead of EST.  Needless to say, our bodies were a bit confused, especially after a 20 hour flight. Coach and I saw our boys off with their hosts, and our time in Hong Kong began. 

Our day started off with a ride from the airport.  One of our hosts, Mr. Yuen (Alan) owns a car.  Though this is relatively rare on the island, it was nice to be escorted straight to the Island Pacific Hotel, our new home for the week. After we settled in, cleaned up from our long flight, and got a little work done, we embarked to have lunch.  We met with our other host, Mr. Poon (Bobby) and his family of 4 kids, plus another teacher from SPC and had the first of several delicious meals on the day. 

Key to Travel: Flexibility!

Mother nature decided to drop a foot of snow onto the northeast on the day we were supposed to fly out.  As a result, we were forced to postpone our takeoff time by an entire day.  This was simply the first test for our travelers.  So far they've handled the change perfectly.

Our group will need to adjust their blogging schedule as well.  Robby will be in flight for most of the day that he was scheduled to blog, so we will need to double up.  Robby will simply post on another day.  Coach and I would like all the boys to blog as much as they can.  Hopefully they will record their experiences accordingly!

We started off today on campus at TP.  All boys arrived before 3 o'clock and we were loaded and ready to go.  We took a minute to take this picture and say goodbye to mom and dad, and we were off.

Mr. Foster deftly handled the trip to JFK. His knowledge of the thruways, expressways, and parkways in and around New York City is unmatched!  He dropped us off at Terminal 8. 


Leading up to the trip

Good morning,

As the trip quickly approaches I am curious of the following questions:

What are you most excited about?

What are you most nervous about?

What movies do you want to watch on the plane?

Please take a minute to answer the questions in a comment.  
In other news, I recently heard from one of the travelers asking if they can post things outside of the assigned times. As I am demonstrating, the answer is "yes"!
There's no need to limit yourself to one post.  The only thing Coach LaF and myself are asking is that you provide your post on the assigned day.  That way, we can get a week's perspective.  However, if you feel inclined to share a photo or write about the day, please do not hesitate to do so!  And definitely comment!
Have a fun snow day.  Enjoy a few restful days before our trip!
Mr. R